We speak the language of government
We speak the language of government

Translation: why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

How? By choosing a professional who is both a fully-certified translator and a former government official with a long and distinguished record of service. A professional who not only understands all the nuances of your subject matter but can also translate it into impeccable English in a style appropriate to your audience. A professional who, in fact, probably drafted documents similar to yours during the course of his government career. 


We specialise in translating from Spanish and Portuguese into English in the following fields:

  • Government/public administration
  • International relations
  • Politics
  • International development

We also have experience and expertise in translating a wide range of business texts, as well as more general subject matter.


United Nations Headquarters, New York


Spanish-to-English translation

Portuguese-to-English translation

Editing and proofreading in English

English conversation classes

Consultancy services

Specialist fields

Government & public administration

International relations


International development




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